Coffee break

Have any of you wondered what was wrong with us and coffee. Do we enjoy the taste of coffee so much or is our coffee unit a measure of leisure? For example, Sunday is a nice day and we went out for a walk in the city. After a short walk, let’s have some coffee. We choose the cafe that has the most beautiful view and they also have Lavazza’s coffee great. Now see this, it depends on the time we have available influences which coffee we will drink. When we have enough time then goes capucino and coffee with hot milk plus the addition of cola, Velebit beer or Cedevita. Now, case number two, we have time, but we would like to go somewhere else. In this case, we order cold milk coffee or extended coffee in a large cup without the addition of just a glass of water. Now, the case of three is in a bit of a hurry, but again we cannot leave without having at least had coffee, let’s have an express without water and drink. And so we came to the last case, we are in no hurry to have a coffee, since it is too long to decide on a beer. Beers arrive, and after a third sip, we relax slightly and the smile returns to our face. The next moment the key beer is coming to an end and now if no one invites another round we pay and go. But if anyone accidentally says aj give us another round after a few seconds of disagreement with a smile on our face we make the decision to delay any further plans. And so people are given the conditions and time to brew.