French fries

The best fries on the Croatian coast

If you are in Croatia, and furthermore, you are fries lover, you probably want to find the best fries on the coast.


French fries are a crispy snack that many pepole like to enjoy. As to way of eating, some people prefer to have it directly to enjoy its crispy, while others prefer to dip it i sauces. Ketchup, mayonnaise and tatar sauce are the usual condiments for french fries.

Ways to Eat French Fries

There is no one way to eat rench fries and there is also no one way to refer to it either. But you will eat French fries to go with a burger usually, or a cevapcici. The fries are usually elongated, deep fried and eaten with fork or by hand. In other parts oft he world, hoeever, they are referrd to as chips, and might vary in size and shape. They are also eaten differently.

Enjoy Eating Fries Any Time oft he Day As a Snack or an Accompaniment to Another Food.

They go reat with hamburgers, and cevapcici, but equally well with mussels, or grilled steak. Insted of srving hash browns with your eggs, enjoy fries insted, with a condiment of your choice.

There are many different cutting styles of fries. While they are all cut from a potato, they look and taste different, depending on whether they were coated with breading prior to eing deep fried. Some look like wedges and referred to as steak fries, and thee are also curly fries.