Of all the food on the world pancakes are simply different. When we talk about food, you always choose either meat or fish. But for some reason pancakes as a dessert go with everything. And in case you are so full you can’t even take a bite. So the question is why pancakes are such a different food.

Because after the fish you can’t eat a bite of meat or salads. Even when the pancakes are stuffed with nutella and become a real calorie bomb.
I know for myself that every time I can no longer eat a bite, when someone mentions pancakes, I somehow always find a place. And always when I slice a portion, I have that smile like after really good sex.

There are times when your wife is angry about an irrelevant thing and simply something that can cheer her up is pancakes with a lot of chocolate.
And only children are a completely different story when they get pancakes, probably eat the least and most spread it on themselves. So now that we’ve eaten pancakes, it’s coffee. After all we drink an esppreso and the kids get cola.
And on the way home, kids can’t sleep because of sugar, and my wife and I are nervous about caffeine, so we quarrel.
Also, when you make pancakes at home, always the critical moment is the first pancake that is done, who will get it. Probably the longest minutes in life are while waiting to bake about 10 pieces. But despite all the stress, blood and sweat after a painful battle, we are all happy and content.