Zrmanja Canyon

f you are a nature lover, you have to see this significant landscape!
Whether you take a boat, raft or just relax in a local household – you can alway enjoy the astonishing view of the canyon. It took centuries to get the look they are known for today. 

More specificaly, it all began after the ice age when the rosed sea level and flow of Zrmanja river made this beautiful baby, which is known for its contrast of white rocks, green river, colorful flora and breathtaking waterfalls. Don’t forget about the animals, creek, sandy beaches and meadows! And the best part? You can visit it all year long, because in every season it offers an completely different experience!

Walking in the canyon

Well, according to many articles about hiking, the idea of taking a walk in the countryside for pleasure developed in the 18th-century, and appeared because of changing attitudes to the landscape and nature, associated with the Romantic Movement.  Isn’t it a good thing to live in our century? We can enjoy fresh mountain air and not be labelled as poor. On the contrary, there is no higher power and fortune than the one you gain by walking through the nature. But hey, that’s just my humble opinion. I just hope there are many of you out there who think the same. On the other hand, nowadays, hiking is a multi-billion dollar industry with millions worldwide going hiking every year.